5 steps for a beautiful looking skin – Skincare Ritual

Since the weather is so nice and warm, I tend to prefer really light textures of foundations on my skin. I had difficult times in my life with my skin. I had problems with acne and my skin wasn’t looking so pretty under all that cakey layer of foundation. Seeing so many persons using same foundation like I did, was frustrating realizing that I my face wasn’t looking so pretty like theirs. After entering the beauty world I’ve understood that the problem wasn’t with my skin in general, was about the skincare ritual I’ve used to have.  Basically, I’ve used to have no skincare ritual! There were some nights when I slept with my make-up on. That ruined my complexion a lot. Don’t you ever do that, no matter how tired you are. Take 2-3 minutes to remove your make-up before you go to sleep. After some time I’ve discovered some secrets for beautiful looking skin. I don’t have a perfect skin. But I follow a skincare ritual and my skin feels good and I feel good. Let’s check them out!

 Step 1 : Removing make-up

CRUCIAL MOMENT here! I think most of women had a night when came tired after a girls night out or really late from work. And decided to sleep with make-up. Because our hands were barely moving and eyes were almost closed. Sounds familiar? I bet it does!

Even if you are not using so much make-up during a day, still your face needs to be cleaned.

It depends on your skin type on how you choose your make-up remover. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. It is all about textures. Milky make-up removers are the best for dry skin. If you know that your skin is kind of dry, rich textures will help you not only to remove your make-up gently, but also to improve your skin condition.

lapte demachiant

If your skin tends to be a little bit oily during the day, rich textures won’t help you. I don’t say it won’t remove your make-up, but you’ll feel your skin oilier and that sensation after removing your make-up is not nice. Persons with oily skin desire a matte looking complexion. That’s why every product you apply on such skin, must provide such finish.

For oily skin I highly recommend micellar water. There are a lot of brands that make such products. It can be used for eyes and lips,too.

apa micelara bifazica

I’ve been using this micellar water from Garnier for 2 years now. I have oily combination skin. It is amazing. Even if it has a water in oil formula, the final effect is non-greasy.

micellar gel

For those who can’t stand oily formulas, you can find at Sephora their micellar gel. Same amazing effect.


Step 2 : Cleansing


After we remove our make-up, it is time for a deeper cleansing stage. Our pores could still be filled with dirt and we don’t want them like that.

For dry skin I recommend the ones which transform in foam when applied on skin. There some good ingredients that may contain, such as: shea butter, chamomile, rose extract, coconut water. You shouldn’t use any cleanser or any other skincare product which contains alcohol. It is deadly for dry and sensitive skin.

cleanser dry skin

The best  textures for oily skin are gel textures. Ingredients like green tea, charcoal, bamboo extract, clay, glycolic acid(for exfoliation) are good for oily skin.

oily skin cleanser

Step 3 : Exfoliation

This step mustn’t be done more than 2 a week if you have oily skin and once a week if your skin is dry.

There are two types of exfoliation: with abrasive particles or with AHA-BHA acids.

For dry skin I recommend using AHA-BHA exfoliants. Because these won’t damage your skins surface. They are fruits acids that will gently exfoliate your skin surface, for a youthful and brightened looking face.


One of my favorite steps in this ritual is the exfoliation. Because I see and feel the result immediately! Skin texture is softened, it looks brighter and it is one of the most important steps if you want your face to look good with make-up. I see women who say that their foundation looks horrible on their face, like cracked and peeled. And then they say the have very dry skin, but their complexion are shinier than the Eiffel Tower at night. Your skin might look like that because it is not properly exfoliated. Dead cells remain on the surface of our skin and suffocate it. That’s how our skin texture determine how our foundation looks on our skin.

milk exfoliator

This milk peel from Dr. Jart has a bi-phase formula and comes with some abrasive pads. Applied in one layer on cleaned skin, must be left for 1 minute on skin and then rinsed with warm water. It is quite gentle and moisturizing and without abrasive particle which could damage your skin. Can be used even by those who has sensitive skin.

sugar face scrub

If you need to feel your skin pampered, better use this delicious sugar face scrub from Skinfood. You can also leave it on your face as a mask, for about 10-15 minutes.


Step 4: Toning


Toning must be done with a soft cotton pad with gentle moves. If your skin is dry, this is an important step in creating a good surface for your treatment. Some calming ingredients like chamomile or rose, should do good.

dior toner

Lately I am in love with a exfoliating toner from Pixi. It has glycolic acid and it is amazing for glow revival of my skin.

pixi toner


Step 5: Treatment

I usually finish my skincare ritual with a night mask or a serum and night cream. I apply a face mask twice a week, because it makes me feel pampered and revives my damaged skin. Find out about the best sheet face masks that worked for me!

Face serums are those which go deeper in your skin, making your cream work better. Great team work.

dior glow booster

Finally I must admit that I am totally obsessed with glowy skin. This year I have found this new Dior serum with vitamin C which is totally amazing.

night cream

Visionaire Nuit from Lancome has a beautiful gel in oil texture. It helps hydrate my skin during night and also improves my skin texture during the night.



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