5 things to pack for a vacation (exclusive girl edition)

It is known that women are veeeery undecided  when it comes to pack things for a vacation. We have a lot of things which, apparently, have to be in our baggage. But, in order to be more practical, we have to give up unnecessary things and keep only the ones which we will need most.

Usually, it takes me like 2 days to get all set up for a vacation. And here I am talking about clothes. But let’s just not talk about clothes because I will finish like next century.

Since it’s been like less than a month until my first amazing destination of my life, I’ve decided to write a post about 5 most important things we should take with us on a vacation. Let’s see them!


1. Dry Shampoo

Well. Our hair is very important on vacation. Our pictures wouldn’t be the same if our hair would look awful. There are some days on vacation when a dry shampoo will minimize our time preparing ourselves for a hang out or a romantic dinner or whatever, which is better for us to enjoy our time spent beautifully.

There is a new product like this at Sephora, a dry shampoo with coconut. This is amazing. Beside its amazing smell, instantly makes your hair look cleaner and with a lot of volume. A last second solution which will work.

2. Waterproof Mascara

Even if your vacation is on a exotic island with beaches and ocean, or if you go in Switzerland for a ski adventure, as a free independent woman, you will wear a small drop of mascara. And don’t deny that ’cause I won’t believe you. Best thing in these situations is a waterproof mascara. You won’t be stressed after all the adventures you will put yourself through, because you’ll look like a panda. I am not a big fan of waterproof mascara used daily, but it is good to have one in our make-up bag for these situations.



3. Night face cream

Last year when I was on my summer vacation, I got burnt by the sun. Classic. Especially on my arms, shoulders and face. Because of the excessive sun exposure, our skin tends to become really dehydrated and needs help for recovery. There are after special creams, but I always have with me my night face cream. It gives my skin special help when it needs the most, at the perfect moment. When we sleep our body works intensively to repair whats damaged on the day time.

One of my favourite is Lancome Visionaire Nuit, which is a cream in oil version of a creme. It’s amazing.

4. Nail polish remover

If you still use usual and normal nail polish, instead of the UVA lamp ones, then you know what I mean. It is horrible for me to go on a vacation and on day 2 my nails look like they were scratched by..a bear. Even if you don’t have another nail polish to paint them, almost you have something to remove the old one and still look good.


5. BB Cream

The last item on my list is of course a make-up one. BB cream allows you to apply it really fast and the result is both beautiful and beneficial.

If you don’t like a BB cream, you can always take with you a light foundation with a matte finish if you have oily combination skin .

One of my favourites is a BB cream from Guerlain. Meteorites Baby Glow is a special BB cream with gives instant glow, light and sheer coverage and it’s formula is not greasy. And it smells divine!




This is my list of things to pack for a vacation? Which is yours? Let me know!!


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Alina Danil

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