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Simply shaping your eyebrows isn’t that easy. Just remove the undesired hair and Voila, you’re done! Of course, there are very lucky girls, who has those perfect shaped eyebrows and there is no need to use other makeup products. I wasn’t that lucky and I can say that my eyebrows literally suck without shape them. The shape of your eyebrows can totally change your appearance. There are certain mistakes that we all do. There is this “instagram effect” trend and many girls yearn in order to achieve it. This trend is all about reshaping your eyebrows, very structured and precise, almost changing your whole face expression. I must admit that it is not a simple effect to achieve. You need good products for that, you must know exactly that products and tool you need. And that is what you are going to read in this article !


Step 1. Know very well what are your face features

You need to know what your facial feature are, in order to correct your eyebrows. Maybe you have a large distance between your eyebrows and you need to get them closer. And for that, you have to pay attention to the products you use. Because we speak about the center of your face, the eyebrows shouldn’t be intense shaped. This fact will make you look really frown and that’s not cute. My advice is to use a lighter shade of a pencil or gel or any other eyebrow product you’re using.

If your eyebrows are far one from each other, you can draw some fake hairs in the inner corners of the eyebrows. The best products for this part , are very thin pencils. This gives you the precision you need!


eyebrow pencil

Benefit Precisely my Brow

Step 2. The right products for you

I am in love with eyebrow gels! I have some no shape eyebrows and I need to radically reshape them , for a normal human appearance. This kind of products will help you achieve that Instagram effect. Gel is perfect for structured brows and will help the persons whom shape isn’t the best. Also, the best ones are those which are waterproof or very resistant.

brow gel

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

If you want well structured eyebrows, you need to correct them after you applied the shaper gel. And for this, you need a small quantity of your concealer of foundation and a small flat brush. After this , your brows will be highlighted and structured. If you want to see how I am doing this with my brows, you have here a video tutorial, using Aqua Brow from Make Up For Ever.



Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Step 3. Make them look natural

If you have that kind of ‘bushy’ eyebrows, if you are thaaaat lucky, what you have to do is simply use a eyebrow colored or transparent mascara. This kind of products will fix your hairs and eventually will add a subtle color of your eyebrows. All you have to do is to choose a color that suits your eyebrows. As a simple rule, your eyebrows should be like 1 tone lighter than your hair.


gimme brow gel

Benefit Gimme Brow



brow gel

Make Up For Ever Brow Gel


As I said before in this article, brow can totally change our face features. and here you have a proof :


bleached brows effect

Bleached brows effect

In this pictures I reproduced a bleached brow effect, simply covering my brows with some eyelashes glue, foundation and set it with powder. It looks quite odd , but I liked the final result with the contrast between lips and eyes.


color pop makeup


Brows can change a full makeup look. We should take care and full attention at the products we use, their shape must be in harmony with our face features. A makeup look is not complete without the perfect eyebrows !


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