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2017 almost came to an end. It has been an amazing year, with goods and bads, a lot of “easy come, easy go” and this is available for makeup products, too.

Every year we all have the opportunity to try new products, some capture our attention from others reviews or from good advertisement. Famous brands capture our attention with shiny colorful packaging  but the most important is what that product really can do.

I must admit that I am a huge fan of trying everything is shiny and new, but there were many times when I was disappointed.

Buying always new products and try them, must be a expensive thing for everyone; and this thing get worst when you find out that the product is a total failure. Famous brands don’t always have amazing products,  suitable for everyone. Sometime it’s only about the brand name , the person which represent the brand, advertising , and so on. I am pretty sure that Kylie Jenner did an amazing job her liquid lipsticks, but paying more than 300$ for her makeup brushes set, it’s a little bit off. That’s the reason why products reviews are so demanded; people need others opinion  before buying something. If you got burnt with something, you better tell your story, and you could help a mate from repeating your own mistake.

How do I pick my best products ?

Step 1

By testing them first. Most of the time I feel tempted to buy one product without testing it first; just because it looks so nice, or because Gigi Hadid is product’s image and her skin is so amazingly bla bla using that one product….and 1000 another under and above that one…

All the big stores offers you the possibility of trying products before buying them. We are talking about Sephora, Douglas, DM, Kendra, drugstores, pharmacies.

Step 2

After I tested the product and still being delighted about that one, I’m thinking if I already have another 30 products like that at home. 99% of cases turn out to be real: I already have at least 30 products like that at home. Now thinking if the price is a good deal. If I am paying the product or just the brand, or maybe both. Luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and so on, invest a lot of money in packaging, to look expensive and luxurious and sometimes, the products inside those packages aren’t the best a makeup artist could work with. For exemple I never could work with Dior eyeshadows; some colors look amazing , but their texture is the one I couldn’t stand for. Dior foundations are one of the best, I would always choose Diorskin Nude Air Foundation for a bright and natural looking complexion. You can check out my list of best foundations I’ve been using.

If these two steps had passed the test, I consider buying the products. Working as a Makeup Artist in Sephora, gives me the chance to try all the new products even before their displaying  in the stores. Lucky little me, am I? This doesn’t mean that I don’t spend my time checkin the internet about others new products. If a product is good, doesn’t matter the brand. I am always looking for amazing products which do amazing job with little money spent. We are all offer hunters.

This year has been really rich in discovering products that I am pretty sure that I am going to use a very long time so on.


1. Korean Skincare

In 2017 I’ve discovered the amazing korean skincare. Since then, I am so faithful to them. From sheet masks to sugar body scrubs and coconut setting sprays, all are amazing. I made a list of the  best korean products I’ve tried and  you should really give them a try !

korean products

2. Matte resistant liquid lipsticks

2017 has been so crazy about matte liquid lipsticks. Thousands o colors, same texture and resistance. Many brands bloomed with this kind of products, and every girl was mad about them. Matte lips really  marked 2017 !


3. Baking

No, I’m not talking about making cookies. I’m talking about makeup technique of setting your concealer and foundation with tones of lose translucent powder. It works! After applied your foundation and concealer, with a beauty blender or any other cheaper makeup sponge, gently press the powder under your eyes, on bridge of the nose and center forehead. It will also help you with contouring. Best product for this procedure is Laura Mercier loose translucent powder. It is purely divine. It is a bit expensive, but it is worthy.

setting powder


4. Strobing

For 2017 strobing was the new contouring. Girls didn’t want Kim Kardashians sculpted face anymore, but more and more light. Liquid, powder, jelly, mouse highlighters appeared on market , making our strobing beautiful and shiny.

My crushers were Too Faced Love Light, Make Up For Ever Pro-Light Fusion and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Pearl.



5. Porcelain Skin

High coverage foundations with natural aspect was a must. Hmmm, tricky but reachable. With no imperfections, perfectly contoured and amazingly highlighted, girls complexion looked like those of porcelain dolls we used to play with in our childhood. Perfectly exfoliated, serums and moisturizers applied first, makeup bases under foundation and the skin looks like the one  we all want.

For me the queen of foundations is Double Wear by Estee Lauder. Of course, there are many other amazing foundations like Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, MAC Studio Fix, Dior Forever, Urban Decay All Nighter, and the list could go on and on. Find the one which is best for your skin !


6. Instagram eyebrows

Structured brows was a must in 2017. And I must admit I am in! I could’t see my life without my brows done like that. I feel like with no face without my brows. My brow-king-product is Aqua brow from Make Up For Ever, a waterproof cream, which worth 100000000$. Give it a try.

brow gel



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Hope you enjoy and find it useful !






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