The blooming of Korean beauty products

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When I first went to college, I was mesmerized about learning the korean language. It all started with a simple passion after watching a tv series on a national television. Everyone told me ‘ Why korean? No one hears anything about them, they’re like at the end of the world’ . Yeah, right….

But the koreans have a point in almost everything. They started a big trend around the world with K-pop music, and in the latest years, korean beauty is very strong and innovative.


If I could choose two words to describe korean beauty products, I would say Delicious and Innovative. You will see later in this post why I say delicious.

Since I was like 17 years old, my complexion changed dramatically; acne appeared, it transformed from  normal complexion to oily on T zone with quite dry cheeks. But my biggest problem was acne, and it started bothering me since I started to use make-up.

It took me like 3 years to understand that how I take care of my skin, what I eat, reflects on the outside. It all started when I entered in beauty world, when I had access to all the novelties, the most advanced and expensive skincare products. But wasn’t enough. Then I understood that food is important ,too.

Since I work in beauty industry, I know that a beautiful makeup looks perfect on a healthy and radiant skin. A beautiful skin you can achieve it or , if you are the luckiest woman in the world, you are born with it. I wasn’t that lucky, and I know many of you aren’t. And it’s difficult, you must try products, and takes years to find that product which seems to be the best for your skin…but after a while, your skin is getting used with it and reacts not in a pleasant way.

What makes korean beauty products so special and addictive?


Korean women love to be natural, to wear no makeup makeup. So they created the BB cream, a entirely new product category. The product was the perfect blend between a skincare product, which has high SPF, anti-ageing and hydrating properties, and a makeup one, a foundation to cover imperfections of the skin. If you never tried this kind of product, you reaaaaally have to try it!

The asians( not only the koreans) are absolutely mad about skincare products. There is never enough for them, and you can see it on their face ( literally)!!

I decided to show you what products worked for me, products that I use daily or weekly. A lot of them have natural ingredients( coconut, lemon, strawberry, honey, rice, ginseng, bamboo and so on) and worked amazing for my skin.

Sheet masks


One of the biggest korean trend are sheet face masks.

korean, sheet mask

Clearing solution from Dr. Jart is a sheet mask for acne prone complexion. I kept it on my face for about 20 minutes, and after I took it off, my inflammations were smaller and redness was reduced. My skin wasn’t dried at all and I felt it firmer. I totally recommend this face mask you can find it only in Sephora stores and online.

Coconut Ceramide mask from Too Cool for School is a hydrating sheet mask. i usually apply thins kind of mask on my face, before I go to sleep or with 2-3 hours before I must go an event and I must wear makeup; trust me, your skin will look amazing. This mask contains coconut water , which keeps you skin hydrated for a longer period of time during the day. It also smells delicious!! It is good for all skin types. You can find it in Sephora stores or online.

Other face masks


Personally , I am a big fan of face masks. I must admit that I put one every day. I i don’t have time during the day, I will put a overnight sleeping mask. It helps my skin look great in the morning, prepared for all the makeup I;m going to wear that day.

honey, mask, exfoaliationThis one is one of the best. It is a sugar and honey wash off face mask, which also provides a soft exfoliation for the skin.  The smell makes it almost eatable , but the final result is amazing. Skin is clean, hydrated and quite luminous. Love it. It is from Skinfood and you also find it only in Sephora.

rice mask, whitening

Skinfood Rice Mask it’s a wash off mask, which gently exfoliates the skin and makes it whiter. Koreans always have been mad about white skin, and this one will help you achieve a luminous, clean skin.

Face creams and makeup


egg mask, hydration

Too Cool for School Egg Mellow Cream is a all in one product. It can be use as a face cream, face mask or overnight sleeping mask. I am totally in love with this one. Really good for dry skin, makes the skin soft and plumped, If you want to put it as a face mask, you need to put a rich layer on your face, and leave it for about 20 minutes. It makes miracles.

serum, hydrationplus signface cream, hydration

This combinations of products from Dr. Jart is the best. Ceramidin face serum and face cream, used together make a perfect duo. The serum deeply hydrates the skin and the face cream nourishes the skin on the surface, making it soft and plumped, and most important, non sticky. Even if you have oily skin, this products will work for you. I was able to wear my foundation all day long on this skincare base. I totally love them.

bb cream

If you haven’t been used a BB cream before, well, you should. It’s  a very light foundation, with the characteristics of a face cream, which protects and nourishes your skin. This one has a very light texture , which unifies your complexion, making it glowy and healthy looking. Give it  a try

Other beautiful korean products you need to try


Skinfood Coconut Mask

Skinfood Coconut Mask

Tony Moly Whitening Hand cream

Tony Moly Whitening Hand cream

DR. Jart Rubber Face Mask

DR. Jart Rubber Face Mask
                             Hydration Lover

Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm

Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm

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Alina Danil


    • Yes, is your choice if you want to use them or not. They are a pretty good alternative because of their lower prices, the really colorful packages and natural ingredients. You can see korean products as an alternative to try whenever a lot of other products from different brands have failed. Enjoy it ☀️

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