Beauty and a tan – bronze make-up look

After a quite long and well-deserved vacation, I am back. All fresh I could say, but(there is always a “but”) the weather outside is kinda making me wanna stay in bed all day.

Yes, I’ve been on vacation, with sun-fun and now I am back to cold-rain and even snow, in March, yeah. The weather in Romania is really odd in the last 3 years, so we need to be prepared for any kind of changes it gives us.

From 35°C  to -2°C is a sad situation but at least I have my tan as a memory.


In my opinion, there are beautiful faces on which make-up looks amazing if the skin is tanned, and faces which look better with natural and light skin color. I’ve always preferred my skin untanned, I thought it looks more radiant and glowy that way. After visiting Asia, where women are mad about white and whiter skin color, I can say I am bit african now in comparison with them.


For my tanned make-up look, I have picked up a single make-up product and use it on multi purpose. I am talking about a very interesting lip gloss with white-golden particles from Tarte, called Lip Bling. I fell in love with it and my first thought was “I can put it on my lips. And cheeks. And lids. It’s perfect”.


lip bling

This is a highlight lip paint, with an amazing effect. You can apply it alone or even on another liquid non-transferable lipstick for a glowy and full lips effect.


I am a huge fan of improvising things when it comes to make-up. I’ve been in a situation  when I had to fix some bushy brows and I had no such product. So I took some Dior Lip Glow with a clean mascara brush and Voila. Brows fixed! You can try this little trick.

Look Overview

final result


Products Used:

+ Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation

+ Too Faced Shadow Insurance

+ Urban Decay Heat Palette

+ Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow

+ Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Lolita II

+Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash mascara & Pro-Light Fusion highlighter

+ Tarte Lip Bling Gloss




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Alina Danil

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