New years resolutions – Find yourself

New year, new me

New year, new me. Everyone have said this more than once in their life. A new year is always a good way to start a new life. Year after year we learn things, we commit things that we shouldn’t, fell in love with wrong persons, make mistakes which keep us from becoming who we want. What is important is to learn from all these things. Maybe we need to commit them like 6-7 times until we understand that this is not good for us. Just stop repeating the same shit over and over. But is kinda difficult, but we must do this. For a better us.

Where should I begin?

I have plans, for myself, for the person I love. But do I know how to succeed? What are the things I should follow in order to make my plans and my dreams come true?

As mature people, we should know what is better for us. But sometimes it is confusing. I feel myself in this situation quite often. We must figure out what things are the most important for us .How we do this? By thinking how my life would be without that thing. Would it still be great or would it bring me some benefit? Would I be happier? What about temperance?

We should begin by measuring the importance of things we need. I need a bag to be happier or I need to lose weight to be happier, I have to be healthy to be happy or I have to be happy to be healthier?

I’ve discovered that a healthy body and mind really can make you get through all the difficult times of our lives. Life isn’t easy, bad things happen, people leave us, we get fired, we lose money, we lose our parents, our friends. It is very important not to lose ourselves. That’s why WE are the most important persons in our lives.

Healthy mind and beautiful soul

Being mentally healthy gives you a beautiful soul. I’ve always been a girl who was excited about small things in life. I wasn’t rich(still same situation), and my parents taught me to value small things in life. And this gave me the power to value good people. Good people influence our behavior, our thinking and our development as human beings. Sometimes even bad people can have some good influence on us. I once knew a bad person, who¬† loved to bully people, felt really nice seeing others while suffering; a person who had no good things to say about others. But this person had an iron ambition. She never gave up a thing in her head. And this is what I’ve learnt and took it for good.

Taking good things from others, can make you a better person with a healthy mind. Keep reading interesting things you may consider: history, literature, fashion magazines, everything you are interested in; this will help you develop a healthy mind, a good perception about the world.

ambition quote

Happy person

Being happy is very difficult. Maybe you are never satisfied about who you are, or what you get, or about your friends and job and parents. Small things in life decide who you are. And it is your own choice whether you’re happy or not. You decide the things that make you happy. Never leave bad things affect your general happiness. If your mind is clear and strong , you will always find your way back to happiness.

Final result

Why we should take care more of ourselves? Because we matter. This way we will succeed in our lives, with our plans, with our dreams.

We all have dreams about a job promotion, a wonderful vacation on a exotic island, about getting engaged with the love of our lives. But in order to receive all these, we need to take care of ourselves. Being happy attracts positive people around us. When you are healthy, you look good. Positive things are like magnets for other good stuff. Take care about who you are to become what you desire.



Alina Danil

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