Colorful Make-up Look

Everytime I wear boring colors for a long period of time,  finally I find myself exploding in a burst of colors. This happen last week when I decided to do such a colorful make-up look. Usually, normal women don’t have the biggest pleasure in wearing blue-purple-yellow-green make-up looks, but that’s why we have friends! Me being inspired result curious happy friend satisfied. I have found my inspiration for this colorful make-up look from a peacock.

Using such different colors, it’s not as simple as may seem. Blending them together must not give an unpleasant result, such as a color too dark or a color which shouldn’t be there.

When we want to combine colors, we have to take care and know the color wheel. If you choose to use two colors in your make-up look and you want it to pop in, you need to use complementary colors. What are complementary colors? Simple: are the colors which create contrast and sit opposite of each other on the color circle. Example: RED-GREEN, PURPLE-YELLOW, ORANGE-BLUE.

Another color scheme very used in make-up is the triad. It is created with 3 colors which are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. I like this color combination because it produces a high contrast effect while maintaining harmony.

One of the most used  scheme is the analogous combination. I call this a rainbow gradient because you start from a primary color and by adding 2 complementary ones, you get a contrasting effect but less intense than the triad.

There are many other colors schemes that must be followed for a make-up to be harmonious and a color wheel will help you develop a visual sense for this. In time you get to know which color to combine, not only on eyes, but with lips, hair or skin tone.

colorful make-up


And here you have my example of colorful make-up. I have chosen these combination of purple and blues to pop my model’s brown eyes. And also to get with her nails….

For this look I’ve used loose color pigments and pressed eyes shadows. Using pigments is quite mandatory to get  intense makeup looks. Pigments have strong vibrant colors and I recommend you to use them with a wet brush or on a glitter eyeshadow base.


colorful make-up


This is the final look . I am very curious where would you wear this look. I’ve named it Party fever, so it’s quite obvious where I’d wear it….




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Alina Danil

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