Glossy, dewy and wet eyelids makeup look

Just a few days ago, I was searching the internet a makeup look that doesn’t take much time to be done. But at the same time, I wanted this makeup to be  very eye-catching and to look good in pictures. After a few research on Pinterest(something I find my inspiration there), I decided that it would be interesting to try this wet makeup look trend.

Keep calm and get wet !

My makeup should firstly expose a trend. I’ve never done such technique in any of my makeups, so I decided why not? Next step was looking for a model for this glossy, dewy and wet eyelids makeup.

I think a blonde girl is the perfect model for wet makeup look.  I chose pink and purple shades, just 3 shades very blended on the eye lids. Then, I kindly contoured her cheeks in light shades of pink blush. The purple eyelashes and the yellow rhinestones under the eyes were my choices for a more artistic look.

If you choose to make this wet makeup, you should take care while applying the gloss layer on your eyelid. Just gently press with a flat brush on the eyelid, without smudging the eyeshadow.

Also, if you want to apply false eye lashes, I recommend you to use purple ones; black would be to “harsh” for this kind of makeup( if you choose to use like me pink and purple shades).


wet eye lids


I chose to apply some glittery oil on my model skin for a full wet effect.


wet lids makeup


What do you think? Would you try this kind of makeup ? If you like it , let me know

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Hope you enjoy it !


Alina Danil

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