5 Must have Kat von D makeup brushes

When it comes to a makeup artist brushes kit, we can talk about a huge treasure. A lot a of makeup artists have favorite  brushes brands or sets. There are a lot of amazing brushes that are worthy writing about. I’ve recently discovered Kat von D brand and I am ready to talk about it. My favorite makeup brushes are the ones from Make Up For Ever, but there a lot other amazing brushes out there.

I like talking about good stuff when it comes to makeup. And Kat von D brushes are definitely one of those things. Kat von D was recently launched in my country and I was lucky enough to try them first. But today I just going to talk about brushes. Let’s begin!!


kat von d foundation brush

This first brush has an unusual shape . When I first saw it , I was skeptical about it’s application. It has both sides like ‘tossed’ and it is not fluffy at all. It is amazing. I applied my foundation using only one side of it, with tapping movements. The result was flawless and with an incredible coverage. This brush also did not absorbed a lot of foundation like others. I totally love this one and become really quick my favorite. If you are in need of a new foundation brush, you should give this one a try!

#20 Setting powder brush

Have you ever touched a squirrel fur? Me neither , but I think this brush is the softest, fluffiest and smoothest thing that ever touched my face !

kat von d setting powder

Have you ever touched a squirrel fur? Me neither , but I think this brush is the softest, fluffiest and smooth thing that ever touched my face !

It has a oval-rounded shape; I adore using this one with  a pressed powder because it give a flawless finish and a natural coverage.

#25 Precision powder brush

setting powder

This is a flat brush for precision. I found it quite multi-functional , because you can use it for : setting your foundation or concealer, applying highlighter , applying bronzer. I tried all of these and it works really good. If you a baking fan, this one does a really nice job with the loose powder around your eyes!

#40 Edge concealer brush

concealer brush

This one is the smaller sister of the foundation one. it has the same shade, but different size. I like that it is precise and you can very easy apply concealer in difficult areas of the eyes. Provides a good coverage and it is smooooth. Usually, I apply concealer with my finger, but now I use this brush, too. It’s quicker and I like it for better coverage.

Shade & light eye contour brush

double ended eyeshadow

This is a double ended eye brush : one for precision and the other one for blending. I am in love with the blending one. It creating the perfect fading shade on your crease and it’s also really smooth. This is the perfect tool for you if you travel and you don’t have enough space for all that brushes for eyes. It also comes with a special created case.

I must say that all this brushes are made synthetic hair and are cruelty free.

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These are 5 Must have kat von d brushes!  Hope you enjoy it and if you do, let me know !


Alina Danil

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