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Winter has come! No, not really.  A 7 °C temperature it’s not quite a winter one. God have blessed us with a very mild winter this year. A very good reason for us, women, to wear fancy clothes. On winter, I am used to wear really thick clothes, nothing cool with them. My coolest moment this winter was the one when I went skiing. A Properly moment to wear all that clothes and still being cute. But, when sun shines bright like a diamond on full winter, there’s a very good reason to get nice dressed and to wear a fancy make-up and go for a walk.

So, it was a lovely Sunday afternoon in January. After working all that weekends, all I wanted to do was to lay in bed watching movies and eating junk food. But that’s just not me…this day. Sometimes , taking a walk just to see the places I haven’t seen in a while, can be a good thing when you’re physically tired; even if you like you don’t have enough energy for going out, or get all dressed up, I guarantee you that you’ll feel much better.

Facing the good weather outside, I’ve decided to dress up in warm colors and wear my make-up to match it.




My full look

Everytime I go for a walk, I prefer being comfortable with myself. I prefer to wear casual clothes, to feel confident with myself.

For me the clothes I choose are a mood switcher. They can give confidence, strength, can make me be funny or act in different ways. Yeah, this can be weird, but what I want to say is that the clothes we chose to wear define us and change the way others see us. This is not necessarily a good thing, but it’s reality. Can’t say I am a big fashionista, but I struggle to match clothes so they fit me in my style.

When it comes to make-up, I am not a big fan of matching the colors with my clothes. Kinda hate that. Either I choose to wear total opposite colors, or not wearing make-up at all, or I try to use same warm or cold tones. My make-up is like a veeery important accessory that  I add to my look.

mustard yellow

My look in this picture is a little bit retro, with some ’60s influences like stripes, high waisted pants. Nude pants, a drop of orange, some stripes and a furry coat.



For my make-up I’ve decided to stick with the same warm colors and I made a soft smokey eye, quite wearable for day time, using Heat Palette from Urban Decay. Totally addicted to this one!

I have to apologize for my eye brows, as they are “under construction”. I am decided to give them a small chance to change their shape.

Personally, love this colors, they keep a warm look, create a contrast with the color of my eyes.

For those who are interested in how I did this make-up look, I leave you a video tutorial for it. Enjoy it!

Alina Danil

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